BUFFALO... America's Original Red Meat

    Bison meat is similar to beef and is cooked in much the same way. The taste is often indistinguishable from beef, although bison tend to have a fuller, richer, sweeter flavor. It is not “gamey” or wild tasting. Bison is low in fat and cholesterol and is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Fresh cut bison meat tends to be darker red and richer in color than many of the other red meats.
   The value of bison is not what you pay, but what you get in return. Nutritionally, you are getting more protein nutrients with fewer calories and less fat. Bison is dense meat that tends to satisfy you more while eating less. Research has shown that the meat from bison is highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, minerals and fatty acids to its caloric value.
    Comparisons to other red meat sources have shown that bison has a greater concentration of iron as well as some of the essential fatty acids necessary for human well being.
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