Bison meat may be used with any of your favorite recipes

Remember a few basic cooking tips when preparing Bison...

• When oven broiling, move your broiler rack further away from the heat source... about a notch lower from where you normally broil your beef steaks. Turn the steaks a few minutes sooner and check for doneness.

• When grilling steaks, use a lower temperature and turn a few minutes sooner. Because of the lack of fat, a well-done steak is not recommended, as it will cook faster. Precautions must be taken to not dry out the meat.

• If you normally cook beef roast at 325º F, turn your temperature down to around 275º F for bison. It is recommended to add water to your roast to prevent drying out. The roasting time is comparable to beef. All meat, no matter the leanness, has enough fat available to cook with it properly.

• Ground buffalo or buffalo burger is also leaner (most ranging 88-92% lean).
It will also cook faster so precautions must be taken not to dry out
the meat. There is very little (if any) shrinkage with buffalo
burger - what you put in the pan raw will be close to the same
amount after you cook it. Pre-formed patties tend to dry out
faster when grilling. (Hint: the thicker the patty, the juicier the
burger.) Although ground buffalo is leaner, there is no need to
add fat to keep it from sticking to the pan or falling apart.     

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